Thermochromatic Technology is key to our success at Hot Dot!

We have a new favorite word: thermochromatic. Just say it out loud, and it sounds cool. It rolls off the tongue nicely “ther-mo-chro-ma-tic”.  It’s also what makes our dots work. Using thermochromatic technology the Hot Dot Body Temperature Alert Patch is fully capable of warning users when their body temperature has reached unsafe levels. We use Liquid Crystals to detect changes in temperature. (Liquid Crystals are the most precise in doing this.) At normal temperatures, the crystals are colorless against our black patch. Once they detect a rise in body temperature, they change to the yellow color in fractions of a second.

This can all get very complicated. Remember a few years ago when the mountains turned blue on really cold beer cans? The same thing is used here! It’s super simple. You put on the dot, go play to the extremes and let the thermochromatic Liquid Crystals do their magic to keep you safe while doing so. If the dot turns yellow while you’re out there doing your thing, go cool down for a little while. The dot will go back to black as your body temperature lowers. No harm done, you can go back the next day healthy as can be! And how cool and smart will you sound when you use the term “thermochromatic”?

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