Warming Accelerates...



Heat related illness is one of the major health consequences of climate change. The average Earthly temperature has gradually been increasing steadily for the past 100 years, but that increase has become more rapid in the last 40 years. A hotter climate means more days in extreme heat conditions, and more humidity and precipitation in the air. An increase in those conditions creates an increase in days where your children, players and employees are at risk for a heat stroke.

A new study from Climate Central shows that climate change is not an even-across-the-board thing. Some states experience climate change more severely than others. The study found that the states in the north and southwest are facing the most dramatic increases: Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Vermont, and New Mexico are ranked #1-#6 and colored with the deep red on the map above. States in the Midwest and southeast are not changing as rapidly as those in the rest of the US.

These trends are making heat related illness (such as a heat stroke, heat exhaustion, heat cramps, etc.) a more prevalent danger, especially to people in the Northern United States who are not used to the hotter temperatures. The number of heat related illness occurrences has also been increasingly steadily over the years. It’s time for people to become aware of this growing problem. Heat stroke is 100% survivable. We want to reverse the trend, and watch the number of heat illness occurrences fall drastically. Stay informed and stay protected.

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