Heat Related Illness Costs Industries Big

Manufacturers, field workers, laborers, postal service workers, construction workers, landscapers, etc. The list of hazardous occupations goes on and on. People who work in these fields are more vulnerable to heat related illness. It's a fact. They often overexert themselves in the long summer heat. When temperatures are in the triple digits and humidity is up these strong men and women work on, and it could be killing them. Between 2011 and 2013 over one hundred workers’ deaths were attributed to heat related illness. The numbers could easily be higher since heat related death is often mislabeled as heart or other organ failure. Heat stroke is an under reported cause of death. Arizona, California, and Texas lost the most lives due to heat related illness in the past three years. Just as with athletics, water breaks during work are essential for combating heat related illness. Make sure your workers are taking water breaks frequently, getting adequate shade, and drinking plenty of fluids. Keeping your employees healthy should be every manager’s number one priority.

If you need another reason to monitor your employees and protect them from heat related illness, think about the costs. First of all, no life is worth the risk. Secondly, if your workplace does not have proper precautions in place, it can face over $7,000 in OSHA fines. Recently, OSHA has been cracking down on heat violations. Many people say that heat related illness is preventable if the necessary steps are taken. Don’t put your employees’ lives at risk. OSHA has provided several resources to help you easily and efficiently protect your workers available here. Use these resources, keep your employees informed and help prevent heat related illness.
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