5 Steps to Get You Ready for the Summer Heat

Summer is coming. Are you prepared? We've created a checklist to help you plan for the extreme heat of summer. 


  1. Drink a lot of water


Some experts say you should drink your weight in water each day. Literally, they recommend one ounce of water for every pound you weigh. (Read it here) Some of us are better at remembering to drink this much water each day than others. If you are not already in the habit, prepare for summer by increasing your water intake. This will better prepare your body to combat dehydration on long summer days.


  1. Spend more time outside

Spring days where the weather is warm, but not too hot are great for spending time outside. The more time you spend outside, the more accustomed to the heat your body will be. As the days gradually grow warmer, your body will adjust. Most experts say acclimatization takes anywhere from 10 to 14 days in the summer. So start early and be ahead of the game!


  1. Watch the weather reports

Make it a habit to check the weather every morning. If weather conditions are hot and humid it’s better to stay inside. Try to save outdoor events for the evening when it is cooler outside. Keeping an eye on the weather ahead of time will help you plan ahead to avoid the extreme heat.


  1. Bring a cooler

Have a cooler, a canopy, hats, fans, and whatever else you can find to help you cool down in the summer heat. If you do start to overheat, it is important to get to shade and cool down as fast as possible. Sometimes, you may have to provide your own shade for this problem. Fans and hats can help keep you cool as well.


  1. Be aware

Know the signs of heat related illness and be watching for them. The Hot Dot Body Temperature Alert Patch is most helpful in this area because the dot will turn yellow at the first sign of a severe temperature increase giving you time to cool down before it’s too late. Fast action is the key to combating heat related illness.

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