Article Recommendation: What Runners Need to Know About Heat Stroke by Jessie Geoffray

Finding articles on heat that don’t come from the weather station is hard. Finding articles about heat related illness that don’t come from WebMD is even harder. That’s why we’ve done the research for you. You want to see cases of heat related illness? Got it. You want to see statistics about heat related illness? Got that too. You want to understand what the body goes through during a heat related incident? We’ll find it. We have dug through the nether pages of Google to find some of the best articles on heat related illness to explain how big of a problem it is in 2015 and why we need to take action against it now. Each week (maybe more) we will post an article recommendation on our blog along with our favorite bits of information from the article just for you. We’ll do all the work in order to help make staying informed as simple as possible. Hot Dot is here to help you maximize your awareness so you can minimize your risk.


Article Title: What Runners Need to Know About Heat Stroke

Author: Jessie Geoffray

Publication: Huffington Post


What we love about this article

This article throws the heat stroke vs. cardiac arrest debate for runners in the corner and focuses on the more important things. Both cardiac arrest and heat stroke are killing runners, and need to be stopped. The article offers more thorough recommendations for runners to stay healthy including acclimatization, knowing your limits, and replenishing water and other nutrients. 

Our favorite quotes:

  • "...the debate misses the point, which is that heat stroke is an indisputable threat to runners -- and one that can be prevented."
  • "'Heat stroke is relatively prevalent and unexpected, meaning that it can happen in any type of weather to any type of runner,' says cardiologist Lior Yankelson, M.D., Ph.D."
  • "The things that get in the way of heat injuries being preventable are your ego, your coach's ego -- just dumb practices, and inexperience."
  • "'There's this underlying misconception that if all you do is drink what you lose so that your body stays in balance, then you'll be protected from heat stress,' says Ruby. It doesn't."
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