Do Referees Need Protecting?


YOUR TURN Watch: 2 John Jay High School San Antonio football players are suspended because of this hit Friday night hit on a referee. Marble Falls was running out the clock. Marble Falls PD, the UIL, & the school district are investigating. Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson is also a ref. He normally thinks on the field issues need to be handled there but he says this deserves criminal charges...what's your opinion?

Posted by Clarice Tinsley on Monday, 7 September 2015


Referees aren't always liked. I have personally spent a good deal of time calling a ref every name I know because I think he made the wrong call. They take a lot of grief. No matter what flags they do or do not throw someone is going to be unhappy. However, we should take a moment to show a little appreciation for refs. It isn't easy being the rule enforcer. It isn't easy keeping players safe when the idea of the game is to hit the other guy as hard as possible. It isn't easy being a ref.


News from Texas high school football is making the rounds today. As you can see in the video above, two high school football players tackle a referee from behind. The players have been suspended and the school district is conducting a formal investigation. The referee had thrown a couple flags at the two players before the attack. News reports say that the referee is doing okay and that he is looking for some justice.


This got me thinking...How many times have you watched football when a 200-300 pound running back going full speed comes within an inch of slamming into the referee? They say the game officials are part of the field. If they don't move out of the way in time, that statement will become truer than ever. Most referees are not football player sized so a hit from a college or professional player, even on accident, could cause serious damage. They're running around with players twice their size who have helmets and padding on to protect themselves, but the refs themselves have nothing.


So, here's something to think about: Is football dangerous for the referees? Should they also wear padding? How do we keep our game officials safe without hindering their ability to make calls?


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