Goodbye Summer, We're Already Looking Forward to Next Year

The first day of Fall means the official end of our heat season, but that doesn’t mean you should stop thinking about heat safety. Temperatures through September have been above average with hot days lingering around longer than usual. When the weather finally does cool down, be careful about layering on clothing to battle cold outside and then overheating inside. For us, heat safety is a year around priority.  We spend all our time thinking of new ways to prepare for extreme heat and keep you, your employees, your athletes, and your loved ones safe. Because we know that the more prepared we are, the less you have to worry.


We want to work with people who are serious about safety. We dedicate 100% of our time towards keeping people safe from heat stress. You have so many other safety concerns and so many people to take care of that we are here to help you. Let us find the solutions to make your life easier. 


In the next few months heat safety is going to slip away from your mind completely. You’ll be concerned with cold, ice and snow which is exactly what you should be doing. You have a lot on your plate, so while you’re saving your employees from the cold, we’ll prepare for the heat. When the warm weather comes around just come to us and we’ll make your summer feel like a vacation. You can work worry-free with the Hot Dot Body Temperature Alert Patch.

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