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About HotDot Inc.


Hot Dot Inc. ("Hot Dot") was founded in 2011 in Lincoln, Nebraska by a group of business executives and former professional athletes to purchase the technology, patents and all rights to the Hot Dot Alert Patch ("the Patch" or "Body Temperature Alert Patch"). The patent for the Patch was issued in May 2012. The Hot Dot Alert Patch is a unique product and is the only product of its kind in the marketplace.

The Company's management team is comprised of executives that have a rich appreciation for the impact the Patch can have on people and potentially saving lives. The Patch allows for real-time monitoring of the user's body temperature changes allowing for peak performance and providing maximum awareness. This device can help alert users to quickly take action when there is a potential risk of heat related illness. Extensive research has been done to identify uses for the product in both the retail and wholesale markets. Hot Dot will continue to look for ways to be innovative with the Hot Dot Body Temperature Alert Patch through extensive testing and product development.